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Exterior Components
Weatherproofing Accessories

Ideal for protecting exterior wall openings and balconies, which often suffer from leakage or from rain.

The unique structure and integral molding are great at keeping water out, and it is easy to install.

It securely covers pinholes, which form easily when using standard waterproof tape, as well as points where three surfaces intersect, which are prone to leaks.

3-1 Waterproof Accessory


WPA -P series

Provide waterproofing around pipes with this single product.

●A waterproof line can be created that conforms to the pipe shape without the use of additional waterproof material.
●The waterproof tape is integrated into the piping to reliably keep water out.
●The unique structure allows anyone to easily perform work with the same level of quality.

WPA -PH series

Also suitable for wiring and other penetrating sections!

●Excellent watertightness: Allows for smaller-diameter watertight construction, and the design prevents an inverse gradient in the wiring. (Patent pending)
●Wiring can be inserted and removed: Since the wiring is not secured directly on the secondary waterproof line, it can be freely inserted and removed afterwards.
●Easy installation: Waterproofing is made easy and reliable even when multiple wires are passing through it at the same time.

WPA -W series

Covers all kinds of window areas thanks to dedicated left and right supports and intermediate materials.

●Spots where three points intersect and the water-repelling section are integrally molded to prevent pinholes from forming.
●The intermediate material has the same folded lines as the folded section of the integral molding, making it easy to install.
●If rainwater penetrates into the sash, the water-repelling section prevents rainwater from penetrating into the frame.

WPA -BS series

Can be used for walls of varying thicknesses using accessories for integrally molded external/internal corners.

●Combining our integrally molded products prevents pinholes from forming.
●Sliding the external/internal corners allows the product to be used with any wall thickness.
●The joint part is flat, so it can be easily waterproofed with waterproof tape.