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Message from the President

Joto Techno supports long-lasting homes with unique construction materials

For a half century since its establishment in 1961, our company has been working together as one to help people live longer lives. When it comes to manufacturing, Joto’s motto is to listen to its customers. We have always made the most of the feedback received from our customers directly, and we have developed and manufactured products based on unrestrained ideas unbound by convention. This has allowed us to build a reputation among our customers for offering unique products.

For example, our signature “Joto Continuous Perimeter Foundation Vent System Components” product is widely used nowadays as a construction material for wooden houses, but when it was launched 40 years ago, it barely registered among consumers because nothing like it existed. However, based on the belief that homes in which people live must be durable and long-lasting, we have been proposing the “Joto Kiso Packing Method” for many years. This entails increasing the foundation’s yield strength and preventing the groundsill from rotting through full-perimeter ventilation.
The lessons learned from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, a disaster of unprecedented scale, have caused people to reevaluate the durability of their homes, which has increased the level of understanding toward our beliefs. Our products are now used in 4.5 million homes total.

In 2015, we created a corporate slogan to increase recognition of our commitment to manufacturing:

Supporting long-lasting homes with unique construction materials

Going forward, we will continue to support Japan’s housing industry and aim to be a trustworthy company with sustainable growth, all while never forgetting the spirit of manufacturing that has been with us since our founding.

We look forward to your continued support.