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Outdoor Step Stool

Eliminate level differences and create storage space with one simple structure.

Easy to install: just place and secure. Choose the size and shape that best suits your garden.

5-1 Storage Step


CUB series

Eliminate level differences and provide storage space for service entrances and patio doors.

●Simply secure it in place to eliminate level differences at patio doors and service entrances.
●The lid can be opened to create a storage space. Feel free to place things such as gardening tools and emergency supplies inside.
●Use the optional adjusters and small steps to make it perfect for your garden.
●This is an easy way to ward off termites as well.

CUB-R series

The R type is recommended for eliminating level differences with patio doors.

●Eliminate level differences at service entrances and patio doors!
●Many variations are available.
Choose from our broad lineup according to your needs and preferences!
●Convenient handles for opening the lid are available as well! (Sold separately)
●Just secure it in place and ward off termites with ease!
●Three new colors to choose from. (*)

*New colors only available for CUB-R60S and CUB-8060W-3ST models.