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Exterior Components
Overhang Flashings

Flashings exclusively for overhangs that also take ventilation methods into consideration.

It is shaped to conform to the installation site and prevent poor ventilation. Recommended for the lower part of the balcony.

3-4 Overhang


HF-SA series [No holes, conventional construction type]

The conventional construction method preserves the accuracy of the construction.

●This product has a thin profile and a subdued presence while providing ventilation and rain protection.
●The conventional construction method does not impact the accuracy of the construction.
●The accessory comes with drain holes.

HF-ST series

The ventilation holes are not visible when looking up from below.

●The member itself does not stand out and fits in beautifully with simple modern houses.
●While it appears thinner, the ventilation and rainproofing performance is the same as that of conventional products.
●The accessory comes with drain holes.
●Four colors are available.

HF-S series [No holes, eave rear-stretch type]

The unique shape emphasizes thinness and neatly fits into the eaves.

●It’s only 18mm wide, which does not impact the appearance of the house.
●The unique shape of the eave material allows it to fit the eaves neatly despite its thinness.
●We have a wide variety of accessories available to reduce installation time and improve design.

HF-A series

Easy installation with double-sided tape. Drainer for overhang only.

HKF series

Overhang drainer with two types of holes, one for hanging walls and one for drainers.

HKF series for ALC WALL

Supports wall thickness such as ALC with a protrusion width of 40 mm.

HA/HKA series

Aluminum overhang with a 10mm finding surface.