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Exterior Components
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CV-N series

Ideal for ventilation of the outer wall of balconies and parapets.

● Sealing-less construction is realized with EPDM foam attached.
● A lineup of convenient accessories.
● Minimizes the width of the parapet caps because it fits flush with the exterior material.
● Double sheet metal makes it resistant to dents and is safe during construction.

BSG series

Insect repellent measures are possible without gaps according to the application and site.

Introducing a roll-type insect net with a width of 100, 140, 200 mm and a length of 27 m.
Insect repellent measures can be taken without causing gaps even at the site of exterior wall remodeling where the width of the ventilation layer inside the wall is not stable.

WSF-CS series

Dimensions 15mm! An intermediate drainer has appeared.

BSF series

Prevents insects from entering the ventilation layer from the legs of the wall.


Eliminates the gap between the foundation and drainer when performing additional insulation!


Ideal for the ventilation method inside the wall.

JVK series

The thickness of the ventilation layer is ensured, and the moisture inside the wall is discharged by multi-directional ventilation.

JVKF series

A member that is indispensable for preventing the spread of fire in the ventilation layer.

JL series

For non-land adjustment during siding construction.


Also supports the construction of complicated shapes such as corners and arches.


At the bottom of the plastering finish.

US/AR series

For finishing the outside corner.

GL series (Touch Up Spray for Steel products)

Repair spray for steel sheet

XWSA series(Touch Up Spray for Aluminium products)

Repair spray for aluminum