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Exterior Components
Single/Double Flange Sealant Backer

Prevents adhesion on three sides. Choose from a wide variety of sizes.

Steel plate joint joiners have a resin coating on all sides that is easy to handle with bare hands.



MJF series

A joint joiner that combines the advantages of resin and steel plates.

The entire product is a bond breaker! It reliably prevents three-sided adhesion.
The whole surface of the product is covered in resin, and the product itself acts as a bond breaker.
That means there is no need to worry about three-sided adhesion even if the sealant wanders to a surface other than the top surface of the joiner during installation.
When the sealant is replaced, it can be removed without creating a mess.

MJ series

Simplifies siding wall joint treatment.

●Prevents three-sided adhesion of the sealant.
●By breaking off half of the notch on the back side, you can use it to treat joints at edges, such as at internal corners and around the sash.