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Interior Components
Attic Access Door

Allows for easy maintenance of wiring and piping in the ceiling.

Indispensable for operation and maintenance. The neat design harmonizes with room interiors.

2-3 Ceiling Hatch


SPC -D series 

A cloth-pasted type that does not make you feel the presence of the ceiling inspection port.

SPC -B series 

An airtight ceiling inspection port that looks neat with a single frame.

SPC -SBH series 

A set type of ceiling inspection port and heat insulating material.

SPC -BH series

Two types of heat-insulating materials are available according to the heat insulating specifications.

SPC -A series 

A white frame that harmonizes with the space.

SPC -S series 

Achieves a high level of airtightness and heat insulation for cold regions.

SPC -F Series

According to internal testing, an attic access door that provides fire protection equivalent to 45 minute semi-fireproof standard.